Coffee & Crayons (Ships Free)

Coffee & Crayons (Ships Free)

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Crayola Crayons x 24, coloring sheets x 5 paired with one bag of coffee. Free Shipping.

Parents need coffee. Children don't drink coffee. So here's a happy medium: coffee for the adults, coloring materials to keep the kiddos busy. At the same time, this might be perfect for the adult who wants to unleash their inner five year old and color on the walls ;-)

Where's everything from?

The coloring sheets are double sided and Christmas themed so, expect lots of Santas, reindeer and elves. The sheets are by Kappa Books and printed in Pittston, PA.  The crayon carton contains twenty four, non toxic, multi colored crayons by Crayola. We acquired the crayons from Crayola in Easton, PA. If someone runs wild and colors an entire wall, don't blame us. Just send us a picture!

What's the coffee?

Our Fall/Winter blend: Queen Maeve 

More on Crayola?

While driving one afternoon this summer, we scooted past the Crayola factory up in Easton, north of Philadelphia. We didn't know that Crayola was based so close to us so, we thought it might be fun to do something with coffee and crayons. As the holidays rolled in it struck us that almost all our friends in the coffee business seem to forget that lots of people who drink coffee are parents, and parents might appreciate two great American institutions this time of year: Coffee and Crayola.

**Limited edition. Crayola not sold separately. Shipping fees of $4.50 are included in the gift price**