Baseball Opening Day gift set

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Celebrate baseball's return with a 1lb bag of coffee (regular or decaf), an official Rawlings baseball and the official Opening Day 2018 Topps trading cards. Shipping is included.

Ethiopia coffee: Gediyo, Yirgacheffe, Konga region of Ethiopia. It's a washed Arabica processed at the Wote Konga washing mill. Tastes like peach and lime

Decaf option: Huila region of Colombia. Processed in Mexico by the Mountain Water Process - a chemical free method. Tastes like dark chocolate and apple

Availability: March 26th to April 5th. Roasted to order

Collaborating roast partner: Peddler Coffee, Philadelphia

Coffees sourced and imported by: Olam Specialty Coffee

Coffee cocktail options: Ethiopia is splendid with extra botanicals and something bitter so, change up that Negroni and replace the vermouth with cold coffee. For the decaf, pour 4oz in a tall glass with ice and pour some tonic water over it. It's delicious!

Why baseball? 

We love baseball here at Bearings - almost as much as Bill Murray does. Our founder first experienced baseball in the summer of 2003 at Pacbell Park (now AT&T) in San Francisco and has been in love with it ever since. It's a great American occasion, full of history and tons of fun. Enjoy the season and go Giants (and Phillies!)

In the order memo, tell us if this is a gift for someone and write a note for them. We'll include this note in the shipping box and put an extra pack of Topps trading cards for them to trade with you.