Coffee Six Pack. Performer. Free Shipping

Coffee Six Pack. Performer. Free Shipping

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Six bags of seasonal coffee. Complimentary letter pressed Bearings coaster and cocktail recipe cards included. Plus, help an artist as you stock up!

Great coffee makes the office coffee talk more enjoyable. It makes the home office more bearable! We launched it in 2018 for our friends who work from home.

NOTE: $10 of every pack will be yours to send/donate to an artist/arts organization. Just enter a Venmo handle to your order. For more information, see below.

What's the coffee: Our Queen Maeve blend—washed Arabica beans from Sumatra, Ethiopia and Guatemala. 100% Certified Organic.

Flavor notes and profile: Flavor notes of dark chocolate, cherry and lots of fruit on the nose. Medium roast profile.

Who's Queen Maeve? An Irish warrior Queen. For more info click here

What you need to do:

Click it and we'll ship it. Or contact us and we'd be happy to help identify a great coffee and get it for you.

How we send $10 to your friend(s)

Ask them for their Venmo information and in the Notes section at checkout (near Subtotal info,) simply include it there and we'll send them $10. We'll then send you an email with a screenshot of our Venmo account to ensure it reaches them. 

This offer is for the commercial or home office or those who need lots of coffee. It includes 6 bags of 8oz coffee, a letter pressed Bearings coaster and recipe cards. Ships free with USPS 2-day Priority. 

**If you're based in Philadelphia, we'll happily come visit and do a tasting. For more information, contact:** (All visits and tastings now cancelled due to COVID-19.)