Thanksgiving gift set (Shipping included)

Thanksgiving gift set (Shipping included)

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Two bags of coffee and a 30 page Thanksgiving recipe storybook. Shipping included.

Brined, basted, or deep fried, turkey is turkey: Everyone knows it's the sides that make Thanksgiving memorable. As the most traditional and seasonal national meal, there is a deep sense of time and place in the side dishes that we remember through the years, reflecting not only our family's lineage but our hometown heritage as well. The 'Sides Project' takes a look at why eat what we eat.

What you need to do

This gift set is straight forward: you're ordering coffee and we'll ship it to you with a fantastic recipe storybook included. Your only job is to gift the book to someone or get cooking yourself and share fantastic side dishes with family and friends. The best thing about Thanksgiving is gratitude; it transcends everything that separates us. Enjoy.

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More on the book

America's regional foods start in its great port cities where culinary influences are intertwined with historical immigration patterns. As wave after wave of new arrivals layered tastes of their homelands into the New World, they created America's original fusion food. The 'Sides Project: Thanksgiving' is a window into the culture of these foods. Written by Francine Maroukian. 

Limited edition. Items begin shipping on Saturday, November 11th. Last day for orders is Saturday, November 18th. Book not sold separately.