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Guatemala Single Origin (Spring '22)

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Fall Winter Blend: Warrior Queen

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We 'Popped Up' for Thanksgiving 2019

We opened our first store on Independence Mall in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving 2019. We're thankful to Independence Visitor Center and the National Park Service for giving us the opportunity to see what's possible. 

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Coffee service planned for 2020

For the 2019 holidays, we had a selection of great gifts for the holidays—coffee kits, Haitian chocolate, great books and a selection of treats for your breakfast table. But 2020 got in the way! We hope to start brewin' soon.


Did You Know That Coffee Is A Fruit?

We only work with coffees that are seasonable, directly traceable back to a farm or processing mill at country of origin and certified by the importer as been paid for fairly. 

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