Our Bearings

Our Bearings = what we're about/our approach to corporate responsibility.


For centuries, the explorers, the thinkers, and the curious looked to the sky for guidance and direction: It's how people found their bearings. Due to light pollution, it’s more difficult to do so today because the sky is harder to see.

The International Dark Skies Initiative (IDA) wants to uncover the cosmos so you can see the stars, and we want to help them. IDA has created what’s called ‘Dark Sky Parks’, and over the next five years (2017 to 2022) we'll be working with them to secure another Dark Sky park in a coffee producing country. Follow our journey as we make this happen.

For more information on IDA go to: darksky.org

To learn more about light pollution watch this video 


We all love some form of art, whether it's visual, auditory or performance. At Bearings, we collaborate with US artists and have also identified arts groups in coffee producing countries in order to provide small, but meaningful support to them. As the projects come to life, we’ll share the outcomes with you. In 2018, we will do a visual arts project in Haiti.

In many coffee producing countries, there isn't sufficient information available to help a variety of stakeholders make better decisions for coffee communities. Our founder experienced this first hand when he lived in Haiti. As the company grows, Bearings Coffee will support researchers with their work in coffee producing countries. When the research is published, we’ll share it with you.


There’s a number of charitable causes and not-for-profits in our hometown of Philadelphia. In 2018, we will continue our support of the National Services Center (NSC). NSC is Philadelphia's leading immigrant and refugee service organization empowering individuals to build a self-sustaining and dignified future.

For more on what they do, please visit: https://nscphila.org/

To learn more or ask a question, send an email to our owner: conor@bearingscoffee.com