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About Us


It was the summer of 2016 when we found our bearings while reading a historical account about how coffee first reached America. The navigators of those 17th century cargo ships crossed the ocean by using the night sky to find their own bearings, bringing coffee and a new daily custom that would last for centuries to our shores. That’s when we knew we wanted to make great coffee.

Sure, we’re interested in flavor. But we’re also fascinated by the power of coffee to bring people together, and the stories that very human connection can create.

Because it’s a cultural connection, coffee is an important part of our lives. But it’s also a business, and when done well, it can be a successful one. We like to share our success with good citizenship organizations in our community. Maybe a coffee drink might help you discover what’s possible in your own hometown?  


Reading: We look at coffee cocktails, stories about coffee pioneers, the night sky and think about creating a coffee blend that’s unique to each.

Science: We then analyze the profile of that coffee blend and talk to taste specialists and a couple of scientists about the possible flavor range.

Geography: With that flavor profile in-hand, we review the geography of coffee producing regions and the corresponding flavor of the beans they grow.

Arithmetic: Once we know our source countries, we knock on the door of some great coffee roasting companies to collaborate with us on preparing the coffee blend that makes it all worthwhile.

If you’d like to collaborate with us, we’re happy to chat! Send a note to: owner@bearingscoffee.com and include your phone number so, we can call you.

Disclaimer: We didn't invent coffee....