Company Information

Bearings Coffee is based in Philadelphia and is 100% Irish and employee owned.


Bearings Coffee Ltd founder Conor Murphy is a native of County Kerry, Ireland who now resides in Philadelphia. 

Living in Haiti from 2009 to 2014, Murphy set up some non-profits and a number of small business projects, including the Haiti Coffee Academy and AgroPassport. The experience of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and response work in its aftermath remains the most challenging and inspiring time of his career. In 2014, he moved to Philadelphia to help manage a new distilling company for a local coffee roaster.

In late 2016, Murphy founded Bearings Coffee, primarily as a way to tell people a story through coffee and to show how it can connect communities. Growing up in his Dad's grocery shop provided the first window into where food commodities come from. His college bartending days provided early insights into how flavors come together. His first visit to a Kenyan coffee farm back in 2005 got him curious about caffeine.