Traditional Irish Coffee

What you'll need:

4 oz       Freshly Brewed Queen Maeve Coffee

1-1.5 oz Irish whiskey

1 tsp      Demerara or Turbinado sugar

2-4 tbsp Freshly whipped cream

Garnish  Dark chocolate or nutmeg


1. Warm glass with hot water

2. Empty glass and add the sugar

3. Pour in the coffee and stir

4. Add the whiskey and stir

5. Layer whipped cream on top with a spoon

5. Sprinkle your preferred garnish on top

* We recommend you use the classic 7 oz Duralex Picardie glass to make this drink. It's tempered glass meaning it will keep the drink warm

* Save the hot water you used to warm the glass. It can be used to wipe the counter top or water the plants!