Queen Maeve Blend

Queen Maeve Blend

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Returns Nov 1st. Includes a hand drawn Queen Maeve portrait card.

Coffee: Medium roasted blend with flavor notes of dark chocolate, cherry and lots of fruit on the nose. 100% certified organic. 8oz per bag.

Origin countries: Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia. (Washed Arabica beans)

Shipping dates and availability: Thanksgiving 2021.

Artist who remastered Maeve's portrait: Lauren Kaelin

Coffee cocktail recommendations: The Traditional Irish coffee and the Free Spirit (no booze) Irish Coffee. Can be used for cold brewing making.

Inspiration behind the name: Queen Maeve was a mythological and cultural icon in Irish heritage and ancient Celtic history. We want to tell her story. 

Story of Maeve

Queen Maeve is Ireland's warrior Queen from the western province of Connacht. It is believed she lived around around 0 to 100 AD and had up to five husbands.

Her most famous battle was the Cattle Raid of Cooley or the Táin Bó Cúailnge. The story of the battle itself was first captured in the 8th century, before appearing in a 12th century manuscript called the Táin. In the old Irish, Maeve's name means "the cause of great joy" or "she who intoxicates".

Collaborating roast partner: Allegro Coffee Company, Colorado.

Maeve's portrait is printed in Philly by our neighbors Marathon.