Coffee & Haitian Chocolate (Ships Free)

Coffee & Haitian Chocolate (Ships Free)

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A truly fantastic chocolate from Haiti paired with one bag of coffee. Free Shipping.

Over the next few days you'll get blasted with gift ideas, but we've a feeling you may want to retreat at some point and enjoy some really great chocolate. This chocolate is truly special and hails from Haiti. 

What's the chocolate?

Produced in Cap Haitien, Haiti by a company called PISA. PISA works with 1,489 smallholder farmers on 974 hectares of organic certified land in Northern Haiti. The chocolate itself has taste notes of fig, tart cherry and roasted nut. Recipe wise it's fantastic in brownies and pairs really well with a glass of rum or single malt whiskey.

What's the coffee?

Our Fall/Winter blend: Queen Maeve 

More on the chocolate.

Most products that make their way from Haiti are likely to be attached to a cause. Our founder lived in Haiti from 2008 to 2014, and each time he returns, he hears a recurring message from Haitian producers: They'd like to be seen for the quality they produce, not a charitable cause. The only "cause" with this chocolate is: Savor it, share it and enjoy.

This superb chocolate has been produced, transformed and packaged in Haiti.

**Limited edition. Chocolate not sold separately.**