The Office Six Pack (Ships Free)

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Six bags of our latest coffee. Shipping included. Complimentary LOVE mug since you love your job.

Great coffee makes the office coffee talk more enjoyable. It makes the home office more bearable!

What do we offer?

Coffee is a fruit, which is seasonal, so our coffee changes each season. The current blend that's available is our signature Queen Maeve blend. In honor of the great Robert Indiana, and the great city of Philadelphia, each order comes with a complimentary coffee mug. That's right, the very same mug that sits on our desk each day.

What you need to do:

Click it and we'll ship it. Or contact us and we'd be happy to help you navigate the coffee sphere and identify the kind of coffee you like.

This offer is for the commercial or home office. Doctors may like it too ;-) It includes 6 bags of 8oz coffee, a coffee mug and ships free with USPS 2-day Priority. 

**If you're based in Philadelphia, we'll happily come visit and do a tasting. For more information, contact:**