Cassiopeia Box Set (Ships Free)

Cassiopeia Box Set (Ships Free)

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Two bags of our Cassiopeia Blend. Free Shipping.

For that day you need coffee for yourself and coffee to gift someone, or maybe you just need a double dose of coffee.

What's the coffee?

Our Spring/Summer blend: Cassiopeia. A cosmic coffee experience.

More on the coffee.

Cassiopeia is medium roasted blend with flavor notes of strawberry and raspberry and lots of floral on the nose. A wonderful, fruity coffee, 8oz per bag and roasted by our friends Allegro Coffee. 

The blend itself consists of washed Arabica beans from the Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions of Ethiopia. The artist who remastered Cassiopeia's portrait is Lauren Kaelin.

Story of Cassiopeia

In Greek mythology, Cassiopeia was the Queen of Aethiopia (modern day Ethiopia). She was banished to the sky by Poseidon, God of the Sea, for boasting that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the spirits of the sea.

As a constellation of the North Sky, located in the Milky Way galaxy, she is recognizable by a ‘W’ shape. Her name has appeared in ancient Phoenician texts as meaning ‘rose colored face’ and ‘cassia juice,’ the Latinized form of the Greek Κασσιόπεια or Cassiopeia.

*A hand pressed print of Cassiopeia is included with each order.